Welcome to the Grace College of Divinity Virtual Financial Aid Office!

This site provides services for students applying for Federal Financial Aid.

If you are a new student to this site, please register now to gain access to the Student Interview Center, Financial Aid Estimator, and other resources this site offers related to your Federal Financial Aid Application process.

Please make sure to complete and sign a Master Promissory Note at studentloans.gov if you are requesting Direct Loans. There is a link in the loan section of the Student Interview.

It is very important to choose the correct loan amount desired on your interview. If you choose the maximum loan amount and you are eligible, you will receive the maximum. Please indicate only the total loan amount you are requesting for the terms selected on the interview. The amount you choose will be split evenly between all terms selected.

If you are a freshman the annual loan limit is $3500 sub and $6000 unsub. If you are a sophomore, the limit is $4500 sub and $6000 unsub. If you are a junior or senior, the limit is $5500 sub and $7000 unsub. if you are a dependent undergraduate student, the subsidized limits are the same as listed but only $2000 in unsub, unless your parent has been PLUS denied. This can be used for one term or two or three during one academic year (but cannot exceed your cost of education) so whatever terms and amounts you request on your interview are what you will be processed for. Please be sure that you select the terms and amounts requested carefully. The amounts listed here are not guaranteed and depend on final determination of eligibility.


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